We are an independent group of funs who decided to create a comprehensive database of hand guns for ordinary  enthusiasts in this area. Since many database does not contain a satisfactory amount of information or containing only models from known manufacturers, we decided to create a variable version of the database, fully accessible to the user. The information in our database can be provided through interfaces seamlessly download, or share with friends.

 “Guns are not only tools, guns are art” (TGG)

As one of the main objectives we also set to find the highest possible multimedia content to each model of gun and thus facilitate the search information for the end user.

Our autors are members of sports associations, gun license holders or just enthusiastic individuals sharing experiences in field of firearms. The aim is to create something new. We don´t want to look up for information about our favorite “toys” only in e-shops and foreign portals.

We recognize that the world of small arms is extensive and we have therefore decided from the outset to focus on creating a database of short guns, where is also a significant amount of items. Therefore, we will be glad if you join to our work. If our database will miss some models or you will find it inaccurate, please complete the form located above each item database.

We believe that you will be satisfied with our services.

Focus of our site

Database creation
Multimedia content
Guns theory
Blog a News

Why choose Us?

  • Database
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